The following is a description of a real event. I may get in trouble for writing it, having not conferred with those involved prior to retelling this incident, but nonetheless, as a person able to use this blog I feel it is necessary to relate this story to anyone who is willing to listen (or read for that matter).

The event in mention occurred at around seven at night a few weeks back, I was a relatively new employee at the time. As the story goes, I happen to go to school with a high-level employee here in the company, and on this particular night we were discussing this and that matter relevant to our course. The conversation was good, very intricate, focused, and enjoyable. Overall, it was a nice way to spend the evening after a day of work. We were well settled into both our environment and dialogue, when just as the person I was with began making a culminating point on the topic we were discussing, he suddenly he raised a finger and shot the phone to his ear. The mood was instantly changed, a look of concern and an expression of care emanated from the person who just moments ago was a world of carefree wantonness. He asks a few well-put questions, says I understand, and tells the person on the other end of the line not to worry. Two minutes later we are walking out the building and towards his truck. Fifteen minutes later we are in another city, pulling up to a location we provide facilities services for. The moment we arrive at the door a nervous employee lets us in, a big smile comes to their face, clearly relieved that what was once there problem had now become ours. Another employee comes up, concern and angst can be felt in their mannerisms, the person I was with calmly walks up to this other person, says a few quite words I can not hear. After a few minutes of talking the conversation ends with a laugh and a new found look of relief on this second employee. The person I arrived with then moves straight to the physical problem itself, evaluating the situation, projecting the possible issues, and possible means of circumvention; I follow sheepishly. After this another call is made ten minutes pass, more service technicians arrive. A few hours later and the emergency is now well under-hand, all parties are happy, and the mood is settled. After discussing what is going on, the plan of action, time-table, etc. with the proper employees on cite we head out and get into the truck. After a brief discussion about the cite we were just at, what is to be done next, etc., the person I was with turns and without a thought, continues on with the original conversation we were having about our course.

Customer service is hard to describe, but easier to show, and it is for this reason I choose to relate the story I did when discussing this topic. The ability to live your life freely as desired coupled with the understanding that those you serve are on equal footing with anything else which may occupy you seems to be the hallmark of customer service to me. And it seems nothing displays this hallmark more than the events I have just related.

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