It is an almost compulsory claim today for a business to assert that they offer the best customer service, that they care deeply about customer service, or, that the service of customers is that companies top priority and focus, etc. In short, today the long-standing claims of actually offering great customer service have been usurped and co-opted, so much so, that claims of customer service are now thought of as simply another requirement for making money, taking in profit, and so on. As a result, since the 60’s and 70’s this tactic has slowly reduced the very notion of customer service down to a lip-service talking-point, or, a procedural step covered in some ad campaign.

Importantly for you, the resulting state of affairs which follows such practices means that the very notion or idea behind claims of customer service has been watered-down to the point of meaninglessness; the victim of an onslaught of empty claims, a simple tool utilized by professionals to play on your psychological state of mind, and ultimately, separate you from your money. The result is that the claim looses its weight, you, the prospective consumer, becomes more guarded, and the world as a whole becomes more apathetic, cynical, and skeptical.

For a Business to whom the complete satisfaction of customers is the most fundamental component of our success, this state of affairs presents an elemental problem. How to break free from the monotony surrounding the oft-used cliché; “customer service” and show that this sentiment is not only stated, but also, the core by which our business operates? How to actually give evidence for one’s concern in these regards? For us here at Dynasel, this impasse has been resolved in one simple way: literally SHOW that customer service is our ultimate concern through our products, services, and customer interactions. If we live in a world were the claim of customer service equates to little, then, showing that customer service is our primary concern remains the only way to prove that for us it means more than mere verbiage.

It is with this spirit that we pride ourselves on a being a business whose success depends on close personal relations with our clients. In this sense, we work very closely with all clients; whether in maintenance or construction, paying the upmost attention to the needs, situation, and the desired ends of our clientele; thereby allowing us to tailor our approach and service to each of their particular circumstances. Ultimately, it is this customer-focused approach to business that has enabled Dynasel to sustain our edge in the cut-throat business we are in. Here customers, customer-experience, customer-satisfaction, customer-needs, customer-requirements, and the rest take an unprecedented priority. To this end we work hard to build strong bonds with each of our customers, putting us in the best position to better understand your needs than any of our competitors can vouch. In the end, we want you to feel happy and satisfied with your product, we want you to feel safe and confident in Dynasel’s capacity, and we want you to come back and do work with us again in the future. To accomplish this requires going beyond hot-air and flashy promotions, it requires actually providing customer service.

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